This year the income from iOS will reach $1 trillion, and the total number of sold iPhone will exceed 1.2 billion smartphones

Analysts Asymco believe that this year the total income that will be generated by devices running the iOS operating system, will exceed $ 1 trillion.

Asymco says that by mid-year, sales of iOS devices will amount to 980 billion dollars. More than 100 billion dollars should come from the sale of applications and subscriptions.

In addition, the company’s specialists are sure that in 10 years on the market sales of iPhone will exceed 1.2 billion units, which will allow the smartphone to become the most successful electronic product in history. Ten years since the launch of the first iPhone will be in September when the market will be the iPhone 8.

Also, as predicted by Asymco, the total sales of the iPod touch, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV to the 10th anniversary iOS will amount to 1.75 billion units and will exceed 2 billion devices by the end of 2018.

Analysts added that every year, iPhone users take a smartphone into the hands for some purpose of 17.5 trillion times or 48 billion times a day. It is based on the assumption of 600 million active smartphones, each of which is used on average 80 times a day.

This does not mean that Apple’s market capitalization this year will exceed 1 trillion dollars. Investors believe that Apple needs another hit product in order to overcome this threshold. Perhaps they will be the Apple car.

Recently celebrated 10 years since the announcement of the iPhone, and the first billion smartphones were recorded about six months ago.



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