This year small smartphones will be sold worldwide at least 20 million

Citing figures from analysts IDC, the source claims that the number of compact smartphones will continue to decrease. So, if in 2015 the world was sold 86.1 million devices with a screen diagonal of up to 4 inches inclusive, by the end of the current such models will be delivered only 18.8 million

In 2019 kids will be sold only 5.4 million, and even after a year they will take a very discreet niche.

Along with these smartphones with a screen diagonal of 5 to 5.5 inches by the end of this year it will be sold 593 million, while in 2015, these models were sold 447 million In 2021, analysts believe that such devices will be sold 731 million interestingly, in the same 2021 will be sold 749 million smartphones with a screen diagonal of 5.5-6 inches. Given the recent trends in the use of more large-format displays, it is possible that devices with displays a diagonal of 5,6 inches will pass more compact models much earlier.


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