This year Nvidia will teach deeper learning 100,000 developers

During the event GPU Technology Conference Nvidia has just announced this year’s ten — fold to 100,000 — to increase the number of developers who will be trained at the Institute of deep learning (Deep Learning Institute, DLI). According to Nvidia, this will help to satisfy the enormous market demand in specialists rapidly developing field of artificial intelligence. IDC analysts predict that by 2020 at least 80% of all applications contain some components of artificial intelligence.

The Institute is taught by certified teachers from NVIDIA, partner companies and universities. DLI conducts training sessions in companies, research and academic institutions. In addition to seminars with the teachers, the trainees have hands-on access to the latest technology, using software and high-performance Nvidia virtual nodes on GPU in the cloud Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 P2. The curriculum includes a session on the practical application of deep learning algorithms in different areas.

This year Nvidia plans to organize new laboratories of learning, deep learning, preparing new materials for teachers and the creation of partner network at the certified training DLI.

In addition, Nvidia is working with groups in Microsoft Azure, IBM Power and IBM Cloud to port educational materials in the appropriate cloud solutions.

Source: Nvidia



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