This year GlobalFoundries will increase capital investment by 33%, but the absolute leader according to this indicator remains Samsung

Analysts IC Insights compared the capital investment made by the producers of semiconductor products in the past year, planned for the current year.

The absolute leader of the industry in terms of capital investment is Samsung. This year the South Korean giant will provide for the reproduction and development of fixed assets of 12.5 billion dollars. This is 11% more than last year, when capital expenditures amounted to 11.3 billion dollars. In 2015, the company invested in fixed assets, more than 13 billion dollars.

On the second place by volume of investments is Intel. This company has almost caught up with the leader planning this year to devote to reproduction of fixed assets of 12 billion dollars, which is 25% more than in 2016, when investments amounted to 9,625 billion. In 2015, the amount was equal to 7,326 billion.

Third place goes to the company TSMC, which has allocated $ 10 billion. Note that this impressive figure is 2% less than last year.

Followed by SK Hynix ($6 billion, a rise of 16%), Fujitsu ($5 billion, -13%), SMIC (2.3 billion dollars -12%), UMC (USD 2.0 billion, -30%) and GlobalFoundries ($2 billion, 33%). Completing the top ten, Toshiba (us $ 1.9 billion, 3%) and SanDisk/WD (USD 1.9 billion, 3%) and ST (1.05 billion dollars, 73%).

Source: IC Insights


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