This year Apple will release the Apple TV, which will finally get support for 4K video

In the fall of 2015, Apple has released Apple TV new generation. It was the first completely new model of Apple TV over five years. Despite this, supercinski giant for some reason decided not to add the new support for 4K video.

But from the market trends can not escape even Apple. According to the source, the company is working on a new console, which should appear this year. Now it appears under an internal code name J105. And this model will finally support video in 4K resolution that already have learned to do all the competitors.

What other innovations await buyers of the new consoles, is still unknown. It is possible that it will not be a new model, and just update that Apple will replace the platform and will add support for ultra-high resolution video.

But there is a possibility that the upcoming Apple TV for the company will become a new starting point, as with this console copertina unable to announce their own shows, which have long been go different rumors.

It should be noted that the chief financial officer Apple Luca Maestri (Luca Maestri) said about the decline in sales of consoles Apple TV at the end of 2016 in comparison with the same period of 2015. This is confirmed by data analysts eMarketer which noted that in September last year, 12.5% of U.S. users owning a television set-top boxes, Apple TV, and in January of this year their share fell to 11.9%.



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