This month, Windows 10 will finally surpass Windows 7

By far the most popular version of the Windows desktop operating system remains Windows 7, released in 2009, although it was released version of Windows 8 and 10. According to the latest StatCounter, the share of Windows 7 is 42,67%, while Windows 10 is set by 40.95% of Windows computers. However, the share of Windows 10 is gradually increased, while the share of Windows 7 — is reduced. So, for the previous month’s Windows 10 scored at a 1.65 percentage points. At the same time the share of Windows 7 has decreased by 1.32 percentage points. It is easy to calculate that if the current pace of Windows 7 would lose the lead later this month.

Verify that the above data published by StatCounter, based on the statistics collected from browsers.

Company NetMarketShare, analyzing the distribution of the market between the OS and browsers has other statistics. According to her, in October the share of Windows 10 has increased by only 0.17 percentage points. As a result, this OS now is of 29.26%, whereas the share of Windows 7 is equal against 46.63%. Note that NetMarketShare accounts other desktop operating systems, including macOS and Linux, but the ratio between Windows 10 and Windows 7 is, of course, is not affected.



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