There were pictures of the Radeon RX RX 580 and 570

As you know, next month AMD should present graphics card family Radeon RX 500. Unfortunately, the first time will not be adapters with GPU Vega.

Model Radeon RX RX 580 and 570 will be based on the GPU Polaris 20, which is renamed Polaris 10. And now in the network appeared the first pictures of the new adapters.

To begin, consider the Radeon RX 570.

PCB of this card is identical to the one that it is based on Radeon RX RX 480 and 470, which is quite logical, given the almost identical parameters.

It’s interesting to see what Radeon RX 580 based on some other circuit Board. Unfortunately, there is only the view from the back side, so it is unclear how it differs.

The most important thing now is seen is the presence of eight-pin power connector. This should have a positive impact on the frequency capacity.

In addition, another screenshot program GPU-Z confirms that the Radeon RX 570 is indeed a copy of the RX 470.



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