There were pictures of the PCB of 3D-card Radeon Vega Frontier Edition and data on real energy consumption

After reviewing tests of 3D-card Radeon Vega Frontier Edition it’s time to look at its circuit Board.

At first glance it is not very different from the usual options, but it is worth remembering that the memory chips are located on the same substrate with the GPU and components that are located above and to the right of the kernel is not memory chips, and inductors.

The power subsystem, apparently, has seven phases. The GPU area is 564 mm2 that much.

As for energy consumption, the card is placed in 300 watts under load, not counting individual peaks. With the GPU frequency, the situation is quite interesting. When working in standard mode, the average frequency is 1440 MHz, not 1600 MHz. Moreover, these same 1600 MHz is generally not achieved, and the maximum frequency recorded by the source, amounted to 1528 MHz. If you force to fix the fan speed FROM 3000 rpm, the frequency will rise slightly, but not significantly.

But if you increase the limit of power consumption the average frequency rises to about 1500 MHz, and the peak at times greater than 1600 MHz.

As for the cooling system, it is quite primitive. The radiator of relatively small size is made of copper and, apparently, has a vaporization chamber.

Unfortunately, the source did not specify the temperature, which heats up the GPU, but they clearly will be high enough.



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