There were photos of the smartphone Meizu X, which differs from all its predecessors

In the leaked images of a smartphone Meizu. Presumably, this device, which the company called Meizu X, though it’s unclear, it’s the final name or just a code name of a novelty.

Anyway, the photo shows that the new product will be different from all existing models of Meizu. The hull shape will probably remain, but the design of the camera module is explicitly changed. At least if the photo is really the new Meizu.

According to earlier rumors, the Meizu X will get a metal case SoC and MediaTek Helio X30. However, the latter must be produced at 10-nanometer process technology, and therefore will not appear on the market before the second or third quarter of next year. Other data suggest that the use of SoC Helio P20, which seems much more plausible.



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