There were images of smart hours Apple Watch LTE and headphone 2 AirPods

While awaiting the announcement of a new generation of smartphones iPhone in the Network appeared information about the fact that Apple will update its AirPods wireless headphones.

Despite the criticism, they are by a wide margin were the most popular fully wireless headphones on the market, and in General are a very good product copertina.

Despite the fact that presented at the IFA exhibition in 2017 similar devices from other manufacturers from a technical point of view, often does not exceed Apple’s solution, the company decided that a year is ample time to upgrade headphones. Moreover, the quality of sound, according to many journalists, the new model Samsung, JBL and Sony greatly exceed AirPods.

Unfortunately, a short animation it is unclear whether new headphones with something different from the existing ones. Except that on the body of the case will appear and the led indicating the charging process. Most likely, Apple is limited to only minor improvements.

The source also published a picture of the Apple Watch on LTE. The rumors were true and the new design we get.



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