There were high-quality image of the smartphone Apple iPhone 8

Known to our readers insider Evan Bless (Evan Blass) has posted a high-quality image of the smartphone Apple iPhone 8. The apparatus, however, in the case, but that does not stop to consider some of the details.

As you can see, the screen occupies almost the entire front surface, which device is more reminiscent of Samsung Galaxy S8. In the upper part is all the necessary elements, the «eating» part of the display. According to the new Sharp smartphone and the Essential PH-1, such that the displays — new trend in the market.

No buttons under the screen are not, so the fingerprint scanner or integrated into the display, or located on the back side. There are rumors that Apple refused from dactyloscopy in favor of the scanner of the iris of the eye, but hard to believe in it less.



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