There is information about when and what smartphones are Huawei Honor and will receive updates to Android 7.0

The Network got the schedule for updates to 7.0 for Android smartphones and tablets and Huawei Honor. At this point in the list of 10 models that will receive Android Nougat in the past six months.

More precisely, some of them have already started to receive the updates, but as always, it all depends on the region. At least if you believe the source models Mate 8, P9, P9 Plus, Honor Honor 8 and V8 was supposed to start getting OS updates.

Next, you will break, which will last until March when the fresh version of Android will get a smartphone Nova. Nova Plus for some reason in the list, but it obviously needs to be updated simultaneously with the Junior version. In April Android Nougat will come to Honor G9 Plus and Note 8, and in may, the update will reach MediaPad Honor 6X and M3.

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