There is a company that fiasco Samsung Galaxy Note7 hit harder than Samsung Electronics

The loss of Samsung Electronics from failure with a smartphone Galaxy Note7 in some aspects was even less than expected, however there is a company which has suffered to a greater degree than Samsung Electronics. This is a Samsung SDI battery manufacturer, with whom, as is commonly believed, associated problems Galaxy Note7. According to the source, Samsung SDI is now making significant efforts, assuring customers, among which, in particular, there is Apple, which with other batteries, its production all right. It is especially difficult Samsung SDI will now receive new customers.

Created in the seventies as a joint venture for the production of tubes with the participation of the Japanese company NEC, Samsung SDI is the major supplier of key components for products made by Samsung Electronics, speaking on the most important element of vertical integration.

After the first fire Note7 in Samsung Electronics were quick to lay the blame on the batteries produced by Samsung SDI. It soon became clear that, in the alternative, the battery production Chinese companies Amperex Technology are lit, but it was too late — reputation Samsung SDI suffered significant damage. From the moment when he became aware of the issue Note7, Samsung SDI lost about a fifth of market value. Last quarter, the company finished with an operating loss, which was two times more than a year ago. It is noteworthy that the share price of Samsung Electronics fell was in the beginning of history, have returned almost to their former positions.

Source: Reuters



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