There are details of the cooling ICX

Yesterday it became known that this week will be presented 3D-card EVGA cooling systems ICX. The source has obtained a detailed description of how to construct such a system. Part of the ICX, in particular, includes the sensors and the microcontroller.

On the Board there are a total of nine temperature sensors, readings can be viewed using the supplied software.

However, the temperature of key components — GPU, memory and voltage regulators will be judged, just by looking at the LEDs, brought to the surface of the casing of the cooling system. Depending on the temperature, the indicator shines blue, green or red.

According to the manufacturer, the new cooler is superior to the cooling system ACX 3.0, which was used previously.

One of the features of ICX — independent speed control of each of the two fans. Speed depending on the GPU temperature, and the speed of the second — the temperature of the memory chips and voltage regulators.

The design of the cooler includes a cast metal plates that distribute the heat load.

The shape of the fins is optimized by the criterion of efficiency of heat dissipation by increasing air flow and contact area.

Finally, the cooling system included a fuse that turns off power in case of critical overheating. It allows you to avoid damage to components and output the 3D map of the building.

The announcement of a 3D-card EVGA with a new cooling system is expected tomorrow.

Source: VideoCardz



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