There are details about the configuration of mobile APUS Ryzen and photos of crystal

Today, AMD has introduced the mobile hybrid processors Ryzen. Given the great success of desktop solutions of the same family, it can be expected that in the mobile AMD manages to increase its presence with new products.

As we know, the two announced models include a four processor core architecture Zen and GPU generation Vega. To begin to specify the details, missing in the original news. Ryzen 7 2700U got GPU Vega with 10 blocks of Compute Unit and Ryzen 5 2500U — eight such blocks. More clearly this means that the senior got the APU graphics core with 640 stream processors, and the younger with 512 stream processors. To correlate directly the parameters of the integrated GPU and discrete graphics is impossible, and the younger Vega models from AMD, but it is possible to keep in mind, that the Radeon RX 460 has 896 stream processors architecture Polaris.

As for the new data, they belong to the configuration represented APU. So, mobile representatives Ryzen contain a single unit Zen CCX (CPU Complex), which includes four processor cores. Exactly the same blocks are used in desktop CPU Ryzen. Interestingly, the GPU is connected is not PCIe, but a proprietary bus Infinity Fabric, which is in desktop solutions connects those blocks CCX. Actually, this bus connects all components at all mobile Ryzen.

If you go back to the GPU, the eldest of the new products it involves not only the 640 stream processors, and 40 texture units and 16 units of the sample.



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