Thecus N4350 is designed for four drives

Thecus has announced the release of NAS N4350, which is the development of the Thecus N4310. Like its predecessor, the new model is designed for four drives. According to the manufacturer, the Thecus N4350 will find application in the segment of home and small offices.

The basis of the Thecus N4350 is a dual-core processor Marvell Armada 388с running at 1.8 GHz running ThecusOS 7.0. Storage configuration includes 1 GB of DDR4 RAM, a Gigabit Ethernet port and two USB 3.0 ports. Device dimensions — 135 x 170 x 217 mm.

Storage provides advanced capabilities for backup and data protection, including thin backup, mirror backup for data recovery, remote backup or data recovery (for backup or recovery of data in real time), as well as cloud backup with Amazon S3. In addition, it should be noted three mobile apps. The application from the Thecus Wizard is designed for remote configuration of the NAS. The Thecus app Connect allows you to monitor NAS with a mobile device. Finally, the application, working on the principle of P2P, allows you to remotely manipulate files.

Sale Thecus N4350 will begin in June and the price will not exceed $300.

Source: Thecus


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