The ZeroLemon case for smartphone LG V20 contains a battery capacity of 10 000 mA•h

Smartphone LG V20 is equipped with a battery capacity of 3200 mAh, which, under normal use, enough for a day’s work.

The battery is removable, so if necessary, you can purchase a second battery and at any time to be able to extend your LG V20 twice.

There is another option that the company offers ZeroLemon. We are talking about the case for the smartphone, which is available at a price of $ 60.

This is not just a protective case, it contains a battery capacity of 10 000 mA•h Here it is important to note that it does not complements the standard battery and replaces it. The back cover of the smartphone is removable, high-capacity battery is put in place a standard, then it is covered with a cover, which serves as the new back panel.

Obviously, in this case the smartphone is becoming much more massive, its thickness increases to about 2 cm, Weight smartphone with case and high-capacity battery is 330 g.



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