The youngest Quad-core AMD Ryzen will not support a technology similar to Hyper-Threading

Virtually all information concerning AMD Ryzen, belonged to the older CPU with eight cores and a frequency of 3.4 GHz. But in the line of novelties will be and less efficient models.

We already know that all processors Ryzen will have an unlocked multiplier. Now it is reported that the youngest Quad-core solutions will not support the technology similar to Hyper-Threading. That is, the system will determine the four cores and four threads.

As in the case of decisions of the competitor, it will be done in order to separate models by segment. It is unclear whether these processors belong to the range of the SR3, or they will be singled out.

While it is known that the TDP of these processors will lie in the range of only 45 watts, so they will be able to compete even with the family of Pentium and Celeron. Supposedly the frequency will not fall below the same 3.4 GHz.



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