The yield rate of AMD Ryzen very high

The percentage of yield in semiconductor manufacturing is one of the most important indicators directly influencing the volume of production and cost.

The larger the crystal is, the more expensive each defect on the plate. In the case of multi-core processors and other items with multiple similar units can be part of defective crystals to reconfigure the processor with fewer cores. However, because these products cost less than processors in full configuration, to compensate for a smaller percentage of yield due to this technique can only partially.

According to the source, the yield rate of AMD Ryzen very high (probably, this contributes a relatively small area of the crystal). More than 80% of the crystals are working all eight cores, that is, they make the processors in full configuration, bringing in the most profit.

The increase in yield rate of products gives the manufacturer two ways to increase profits.

On the one hand, you can get more profit without changing your prices and maintain the same sales volume in quantitative expression.

On the other hand, can reduce the average sale price, thereby increasing sales volumes. This method is good if the manufacturing capabilities allow to increase output.

One source suggests that AMD will go the second way. His assumption he bases on the fact that the company acted in a similar situation before. You can add that the second path is suitable for the strategy of increasing market share, and this is exactly what AMD needs.

Source: is WCCFtech

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