The Xiaomi Mi laptop Notebook Air 2 will come with a ultralight magnesium-lithium alloy

Vice-President of IDC Jeeping Wang (Wang Jiping) reports that the Xiaomi Mi laptop Notebook Air has sold over 110 thousand units in the third quarter of last year, occupying 2% of the Taiwan market. In the fourth quarter, its share is expected to increase to 4%.

Wang Jeeping notes that the second generation Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air will be launched in April this year. Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 2 will be the same thin as the original laptop, however its body is made of magnesium-lithium alloy. When compared with pure aluminum, magnesium-lithium alloy weighs 75% less.

The only disadvantage of this alloy at this point is its price, laptops with such cases were few producers. For example, the NEC Lavie Z, released in 2012, with a display diagonal of 13.3 inch weighs only 880 g.



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