The world’s first drive with a memory XPoint 3D — Intel SSD DC Optane P4800X demonstrates the performance of the 550 000 IOPS

Recently we learned that Intel is preparing to show reporters the first series SSD family Optane, based on a completely new memory 3D XPoint. However, some thematic resources expressed doubts about the potential and future of such products.

Anyway, Intel has finally introduced a new product. The first SSD family was the model Optane SSD DC P4800X focused on the corporate segment. This drive format PCI Express HHHL, support for NVMe and with a volume of only 375 GB. The cost of the device — 1520 dollars!

In the near future, we also promise model 750 GB and 1.5 TB drives and format U. 2 of the same volume.

The drive uses a 20-nanometer 128-Gigabit chips XPoint 3D technology CMOS Under the Array. Also used seven-channel Intel NVMe ASIC capable of driving four crystals on the same channel.

Performance on read operations (blocks 4 KB) reaches 550 000 IOPS! On write operations, the performance is almost the same: 500 000 IOPS. Typical delays should not exceed 10 µs, which is much less than that of the drives with the NAND. Endurance is also impressive: 30 DWPD (times per day), although we have already seen SSD with close values.

Optane SSD DC P4800X already available for purchase. In the second quarter will be released a model with 750 GB and SSD format U. 2 with a volume of 375 GB. In the second half of the year there will be other models. The first time, Intel will provide three-year warranty drives, but will then proceed to five.



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