The waterblock Swiftech Apogee SKF-TR4 is designed for AMD processors Ryzen Threadripper

Swiftech company presented illustrated the new series of Apogee SKF. It’s called Apogee SKF-TR4 and is intended for AMD processors Ryzen Threadripper.

Compared to the base model waterblock Apogee SKF-TR4 enlarged to contact with the entire lid-heat spreader of the processor. The waterblock is made of copper. In the place where the base attaches to the processor, the inner surface of the waterblock is covered with microchannels, increasing the surface area participating in heat transfer by 30%. In addition, the inlet and outlet are located opposite the active crystals in the multichip module Threadripper. Mounting water block is only compatible with motherboards with CPU sockets TR4 (SP3r2). The novelty costs about $ 108.

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