The Walt Disney Company can buy a big a part of 21st Century Fox

Yesterday, we learned that the deal between Broadcom and Qualcomm is estimated at 130 billion dollars. If it takes place, it will be the largest in the history of this branch of the transaction.

But it is not only a costly acquisition, which they say the media. Reportedly, the company The Walt Disney Company was negotiating for the absorption of the greater part of the holding company 21st Century Fox, is known primarily thanks to the film company 20th Century Fox. Holding at the moment is estimated at 50 billion dollars.

The source claims that right now the company not to discuss the deal, but can return to the process at any time. The opportunity cost is not known, but it is clearly going to be huge.

If the transaction took place, 21st Century Fox would retain the assets related to the news and sports resources, and everything else moved to Disney. For the latter it is an additional way to strengthen its position in the market, and so very strong. But the television market is changing, and this is especially noticeable in the United States and Europe, where various relatively young services every year becoming stronger, taking the audience from the classic television.

After the release of information about negotiations of Disney shares rose in price by 2%, while shares of 21st Century Fox, which is almost 10%.



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