The VR market will push Samsung to a more rapid transition to the production of panels with a resolution of 10K

On the market at the moment, there are three types headsets virtual reality (VR) devices that require connection of a smartphone, that is, in themselves, are, in fact, only fastening devices that need to connect to PC and fully Autonomous decisions.

Samsung has explained why it is limited to the first segment and intends to wait to enter the market a full set.

As said the representative of the Korean giant, the VR market is still in its infancy and devices that are commercially available, most of them compromise. For example, Samsung believes that the screen resolution is 2560 x 1440 pixels, which is ideal for mobile devices, is still not clear enough for VR helmets and need at least twice as much pixel density that the issue was resolved.

It is the VR market will be one of the key driving forces that will accelerate the transition of Samsung to produce panels with a resolution of 10K. And in this case obviously refers to the panel of small dimensions, which can be used in headsets. But Samsung says that the transition to the production of such products will require an investment of $ 5-10 billion dollars, so it’s clearly not a question of the next couple of years.



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