The VR market in three years will grow by more than seven times. While the leader in this market remains Samsung

Analysts SuperData Research has estimated the market for virtual reality in the first quarter of this year and made a forecast for the next few years.

According to a leader in this market, if we talk about devices Samsung. In three months the Korean giant managed to implement 782 000 headset Gear VR. In second place is Sony, who managed to sell 375 000 PS VR headsets. Closes the three leaders of headset Google Daydream View result 170 000 units sold.

HTC Vive headset and the Oculus Rift because of the high prices are significantly behind: 95 000 and 64 000 respectively.

The aggregate income of the VR market by the end of this year should reach $ 4.9 billion, and by 2020 it will reach 37.7 billion dollars. Thus, if in the current year, the majority of revenues in the market ($3.6 billion) will be provided directly devices, after three years the situation will change dramatically and reached $ 37.7 billion, the majority (19.9 billion) will have on SOFTWARE, games and services.



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