The volume of flash memory Nintendo Switch will be 32 GB

According to recent rumors, Nintendo Switch will get 4 GB of RAM, and the volume of the standard cartridge will be 16 GB. New data indicate that the native memory in the console is a bit — 32 GB. And it is not yet clear what will be possible to use this volume.

Given the support for memory cards, it is possible that own storage device cannot be used for storing games.

The second leak for the cost of a Switch. Previously, many sources agree that the basic kit will cost $300. Indirectly this is indicated by the words of the President of Nintendo Kimishima Tatsumi (Tatsumi Kimishima). He did not mention price, but said that the company wants the new console in the context of the cost met the expectations of loyal customers of Nintendo. We can assume that this means that the cost of the Switch at the start will be comparable to the cost of the previous home console company. Recall, the Wii U originally cost $300, and the Wii asking $250.



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