The Volkswagen e-Golf new generation has a range of 200 km

Volkswagen, despite its merit in the automotive market, can not boast of success in the segment of electric vehicles. Model Golf, which is one of the most sold in the world in its electric incarnation is at least as pleasing range. Battery with a capacity of 24.2 kWh is not even enough for 150 km.

At the auto show, LA Auto Show, the German giant has brought the e-Golf’s new generation, which is primarily improved in the issue of autonomy. Now the machine is equipped with a battery capacity of 35.8 W·h, so able to get from full charge is about 200 km (us EPA cycle), which is comparable with the current generation Nissan Leaf, the Japanese car will update soon.

In addition to improved autonomy, the new e-Golf boasts increased to 135 HP and a top speed of 150 km/h versus 140 km/h its predecessor. Proprietary technology delivers the best recharging now present even in the basic configuration. However, even with it on the replacement battery will have to spend about six hours in the case of using a normal station. But on a special fast charging stations in just over an hour to charge up to 80%. From the rest of the support functions of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

About the cost and the date of commencement of sales is not reported.

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