The View Mixed Reality in Windows 10 will allow to try out the augmented reality via the usual web camera

As you know, Windows update Update 10 Creators added to the operating system a lot of functions to work with 3D objects and virtual reality. Soon the market must be relatively inexpensive headset virtual and augmented reality to Windows 10.

However, the test work with augmented reality can practically any user. For this, you will need to have a web-camera.

As reported, the Mixed Reality View, which will appear in Windows 10 in the fall, will allow you to use a normal web camera to overlay virtual objects on real image. Something similar can be found in apps for smartphones some manufacturers. For example, Sony.

At today’s event Microsoft showed an example of using this function. It is possible to estimate the size of the Rover by affixing a three-dimensional model on the real image.

To come up with a really useful scenario of usage of such functions is not easy, but for educational or entertainment purposes it can be useful.



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