The value of Bitcoin reached an historical high of more than $1400

Yesterday the cryptocurrency Bitcoin (bitcoin) rose to a record 1,437 USD per bitcoin. Just over a year its cost has more than tripled. The latest growth rate associated with the recognition of Bitcoin as legal tender in Japan, which led to an increase in demand for money.

According to the site Cryptocompare analyzing transactions using Bitcoin around the world in recent days about 50% of the exchange transactions was made between Bitcoin and the yen.

In addition, affected by the tightening of the rules of work of exchange offices in China that made them start charging Commission. The Chinese government is worried that Bitcoin can be used for speculation and money laundering.

Given the current rate, the total value of all bitcoins in circulation, approached $ 25 billion. For comparison: in December of last year the total value of bitcoins was $ 14 billion

Source: Reuters


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