The users of Apple iPhone 7 Plus has run into trouble dual camera

As you know, Apple iPhone 7 Plus is fitted with dual camera capabilities which can be further expanded using case Kamerar ZOOM with the nozzles on the lenses. Of course, if the camera works. And this is not always the case, judging by recent reports, which appeared in the network.

One of the users on the site Reddit said that he had met with total failure of the camera of the new smartphone Apple. According to him, the camera «went AWOL» so that the preview window is black and the pictures, if they were able to do was green or purple color. From time to time, the system displays a warning that the device overheated, although to the touch it was completely cold. Because the fault does not resolve a hardware reset, the smartphone had exchanged.

It soon became clear that this is not an isolated case.

The exact cause of the malfunction is still unknown. Presumably, the problem lies in a bad connection between camera module and main Board.

Sources:, Reddit



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