The user base Samsung Pay in the homeland of the service has doubled in a year

Recall that the mobile payment service Samsung Pay allows users to make payments using supported phones and other equipment by Samsung Electronics.

Recent data published by the company WiseApp, indicate that in September of this year, Samsung Pay user base in South Korea amounted to 6,44 million people. Over the past year, the user base has grown exactly twice, in September last year it was reported about 3,22 million users.

In the user database include those whose smartphones support Samsung Pay, and those smartphone owners who use the service at least once per month.

Only in South Korea, there are 37 million smartphone users running the Android operating system.

A couple of months ago Samsung Pay celebrated two years since inception, for which the total amount of payments made up 8.77 billion, with $ 7 billion through Samsung Pay was held for the second year.



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