The updates in Google Play began in 65-90% less than the apps themselves

This summer Google has announced the achievement of a new stage of optimizing the content presented in the app store Google Play. Announced then the algorithm can reduce the size of additions of 50% or more.

Google engineers have continued to move in this direction, creating an even more perfect solution. When using the new algorithm updates are at least 65% less of the original application. Sometimes the difference in size is over 90%. This innovation allows you to install an important update, using mobile Internet and not seeking out free Wi-Fi.

The principle of operation of the new algorithm is built around the detection of differences in the uncompressed files (when they are not Packed into a single archive). Google first unpacks the old version of the app, and then finds the difference, makes the necessary changes and creates the update. After you download the updates to your mobile device, it also unpacks the app corrects it and re-compresses.



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