The unnamed tablets producers switch to other products

Experiencing problems with the release of their products against the products of competitors, the tablet manufacturers have opted to increase sales, built on lower prices. This is reflected in Chinese companies that produce tablets of the nameless, and forced them to seek other markets.

An example of how major brands replacing the production of outstanding white-box, may serve as Amazon: your seven-inch tablet the company offers at a price of $50, and eight-inch — from $80. It is expected that with such prices the sale of Amazon tablets will grow significantly during the upcoming seasonal rise in demand.

Another factor that producers of the ring tablet to switch to another products, is the pressure from smartphones with large screens. In addition, the effect of the rise of prices of some components — LCD panels and memory chips. As examples of what will produce the company, leaving the tablet market, is also referred to as portable, wearable devices and automotive electronics.

According to Digitimes Research, the top three tablet manufacturers for the year will include Apple, Samsung Electronics and Amazon.


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