The unannounced six-core processor Intel Coffee Lake dispersed up to 5 GHz

As you know, in the near future, Intel should introduce desktop processors Coffee Lake, who will get more cores in comparison with their predecessors, similar models.

But until that happens, the Network has already appeared the results of overclocking this CPU. What model has been subjected to the tests is unknown, but it was a six-core processor.

As you can see in the screenshots, he was able to overclock up to 5 GHz if you increase the voltage to 1.4 V. the way it was implemented cooling is unknown, but given the result, it is clearly about air or liquid.

At this frequency the processor showed the result in 591/4467 scores in CPU-Z and 213/1591 score in Cinebench R15, which is roughly comparable with the results narisovano Ryzen 7 1700X.



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