The U.S. Supreme court sided with Samsung in a patent dispute with Apple

The U.S. Supreme court ruled in favor of Samsung in stretching is not the first year patent dispute between the Korean company and Apple. He canceled previously announced the verdict of the appellate court, according to which Samsung was to pay Apple $ 399 million for copying key design elements of the iPhone.

Eight judges unanimously decided that the patent infringer is not obliged to pay all of the profits derived from the sale of products which infringed a patent, if patented, not the whole design, but only some elements.

Now the case is remanded to the court of appeal, which should determine the new amount payments.

An Apple spokesman said the company «remained optimistic that the lower court again sent a strong signal that stealing — not good.»

At Samsung praised the decision as «a victory for Samsung and all who promote creativity, innovation, and fair competition in the market.»

The first decision in this dispute was made in 2012, when a jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple around 930 million dollars. Later, Samsung has managed to significantly reduce the amount.

Source: Reuters

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