The U.S. Supreme court made a decision that will complicate the life of «patent trolls»

The U.S. Supreme court today decided, which is expected to complicate the life of «patent trolls.» According to this decision, patent lawsuits can be filed only in the jurisdiction where the defendant was.

Now the majority of patent lawsuits in the United States served in the district court of the Eastern district of Texas. It is believed that this judgment rather supports the position of plaintiff in these lawsuits. According to some reports, this court directed 40% of all patent lawsuits, 90% of which serves «patent trolls».

At the same time, Texas literally distant from the places where the company’s high-tech industry, usually are the targets of «patent trolls.»

According to our source, the restriction imposed by the Supreme court, will reduce the chances of the plaintiffs for a positive outcome, because now the claims will be considered more competent courts, familiar with the specifics of the industry.

Source: Reuters


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