The U.S. Supreme court allowed the re-filling of cartridges

Recently, the U.S. Supreme court made a decision, which can be of great value to the industry. Considering the dispute, Lexmark, which manufactures printers and cartridges for them, with consumers re-runs of the expended ink cartridges, the court came to the conclusion that the right of ownership takes precedence over patent rights.

When buying a cartridge between Lexmark and the customer, the contractual relationship arise. Although Lexmark indicates in which part of the contract documents accompanying the cartridge, that it cannot be reused or resold, the court found that these conditions do not apply to the company, re-filled cartridges (one of these companies and filed a lawsuit against Lexmark).

The court rejected the argument Lexmark regarding the fact that the cartridges are protected by patents. Senior judge John Roberts (John Roberts) said that a regular smartphone used development, represented by over 250,000 patents, to distribute the effect of which on consumers was unfair, and limits the possibility of use of the devices.

Source: WSJ


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