The U.S. Congress is concerned about the fact that Donald trump continues to use unprotected Samsung Galaxy S3

The fact that the heads of state, simply high-ranking politicians, officials, military and other important people should use the smartphones with the highest level of protection for sensitive data is logical and does not require a separate explanation.

However, when the office of President of the United States took Donald trump, despite the position and financial ability, he continued to use his old Samsung Galaxy S3.

Wrote about it some thematic publications in the first days after the inauguration. Then you would have thought that those responsible for the question people just do not have time to solve this problem. But time passes, and the Galaxy S3 continues to be a major new US President. And it’s not a joke bothered congressmen.

In the end, Congressman Ted Liu (Ted Lieu) intends to initiate an investigation on this fact. In the letter, which is then signed by 14 members of Congress, said that experts kiberbezopasnosti believe that a normal smartphone with Android, which trump continues to use, despite repeated warnings from the intelligence services, can easily be hacked. It is possible that in the end, trump will be forced to change the smartphone.



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