The U.S. army tests the robotic refueling station for helicopters

The military has had to build a gas station on the bases, which are the most advanced. Therefore, the helicopters can quickly refill fuel and return to the fight.

However, the staff of these stations is in constant danger. To solve this problems have been solved by specialists of the US army, are currently testing a robotic refueling station for helicopters.

Fully automatic charging station Autonomous & Robotic Remote Refueling Point can refuel the helicopter without human intervention. To do this, use the robotic arm, which itself is connected to the fuel tank of the helicopter. This will reduce the time of refueling, as well as to eliminate the probability of death of personnel in case of enemy attack.

At the moment the station Autonomous & Robotic Remote Refueling Point on their second phase of testing. Only in the fourth phase will be tested of the opportunity charging stations in realistic conditions, involving helicopters Apache AH-64.


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