The tractor-trailer AWS Snowmobile to transport data up to 100 PB

Amazon that provide cloud storage service, faced with the fact that the amounts of data some customers can be such, what to use for migrating to the cloud, the Internet connection is not the best choice. For such cases, more suitable special car, called AWS Snowmobile.

It is a further development of the ideas contained in the product AWS Snowball, which we talked about a year ago. However, if the capacity of the safe AWS Snowball is equal to 50 TB, the trailer attached to the tractor AWS Snowmobile, up to 100 PB of data.

Mobile storage collected in 45-foot container — waterproof and protected from cracking. The company warns that the vault consumes 350 kW. Customers who are not ready to make such a power supply at the Parking lot near the office can be provided by mobile generator. To transfer the data vault is equipped with the network switch with bandwidth of 1 Tbit/s. Data is recorded in encrypted form, but just in case the tractor-trailer moves to escort. Moreover, at the time of data transfer AWS Amazon can put near «database» protection.

How much does it cost the provider of the cloud service says, but assures that use AWS Snowmobile is not only faster, but also cheaper than using network connection.

Sources: Amazon, AWSSnowmobile



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