The total length of us roads equipped with electric charging stations, compared with the length of the equator

The administration of U.S. President Barack Obama approved a bill aimed at improving the situation of charging stations for electric cars, located throughout the country.

At the moment, only Tesla has launched a large-scale network of charging stations Supercharger, which allows you to navigate on the electric company without any problems almost all over the country. But what do the owners of other electric vehicles.

Map of Tesla Supercharger stations

The U.S. Department of transportation (United States Department of Transportation, DOT) are engaged in the construction of the so-called «corridors for electric vehicle». For this 48 main highway across the country with a total length of about 40 thousand km equipped with charging stations for different electric vehicles. According to the plan, electric charging stations must be placed every 80 km, and the roads will appear the corresponding signs.

In the creation of these corridors will involve major automakers, including BMW, General Motors and Nissan, and General Electric, ChargePoint, EVgo and others.

electric vehicle


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