The Toshiba SSD uses TR200 64-layer flash memory 3D NAND TLC

Illustration product will be the first SSD Toshiba for the 64-layer flash memory BiCS (3D NAND TLC), intended for retail trade. In the design of the TR200 can be traced continuity with the OCZ drives.

Drive size 2.5 inches with interface SATA will be produced with capacity from 240 to 960 GB. According to the manufacturer, for sequential access, the read speed reaches 550 MB/s writing speed — 525 MB/s When random access blocks of 4 KB, you can count on performance up to 80,000 IOPS in read mode and up to 87 000 IOPS in recording mode.

The drive extends three-year warranty. Their sales should begin in the fall. Prices not yet named.



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