The title of «Smartphone of the year» at the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards received Samsung Galaxy S8

Recently was published the next list of winners of the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards. This is a rating of the best devices and companies of the IT market, however, with a British accent.

Despite this, it is because of such rankings can improve their understanding of current trends and market sentiment.

For example, the Samsung Galaxy S8 the title of «Smartphone of the year» and the title «Best camera» is to be expected and, in fact, is of no interest. But the curious looks the winner of «the Connected device of the year». They became home voice assistant Google Home. This once again indicates that such devices in the near future will be very popular and the majority of large and small companies of the IT market will release at least one such product. In the future, it is likely that such solutions will give way to more versatile devices that will combine the functionality of a home voice-assistant, and some.

Many nominations we do not interesting, as they concern some local services or operators. From the rest, it may be noted that the best budget smartphone (£150) became the Moto E4, the best mainstream — Honor 9. The same brand has won the «One To Watch», which can be translated as «Worthy of attention». Also, the jury called the Fitbit Charge 2 best sports activity tracker, Apple watch 2 won in the category «Best smart watches», and Samsung was the best manufacturer.


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