The title of carrier of the best display for smartphones again got the Samsung

It just so happened that in recent years, Samsung makes the best displays for smartphones if we talk about the screens on the flagship devices. While Apple installs in the iPhone the best LCD screens.

What will turn the situation after the release of the first iPhone with OLED screen, is unknown, but experts DisplayMate again awarded the title of carrier of the best screen smartphone Samsung. It is easy to guess that it was about Galaxy S8.

According to source, the Galaxy S8 has the best screen among smartphones at the moment. Among the features you can provide a brightness higher than 1000 CD/m2, 113% coverage of the color space DCI-P3, and 142% coverage of sRGB / Rec.709.

In addition, the Galaxy S8 — the first smartphone on the market with display certified Mobile HDR Premium. The new display has better viewing angles than screen predecessor. Mode Video Enhancer provides extended dynamic range in case of media content with no coding HDR.



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