The three leaders of the Chinese smartphone market is represented by companies Huawei, Oppo and Apple

Chinese analysts estimated the native smartphone market in the first half of the year. They looked at how online sales and sales at retail and the aggregate. It is the latter we are interested in the most.

The leader is the company Huawei, who in six months has put on the market 43.8 million smartphones. In second place is the Oppo with a score of 29 million Closes the three leaders of Apple, realize 27.7 million devices.

Located next to Vivo (25.6 million), Xiaomi (23.7 million), Samsung (13.6 million), Meizu (11.2 million) and others. Once again pay attention to the fact that cumulative sales of Oppo and Vivo exceed 54 million smartphones, which is significantly more than the Huawei. So the formal leader of the Chinese market is a group of BBK Electronics, which include both firms. But as Oppo and Vivo are separate companies, they are considered separately.

In just six months, the Chinese market sold more than 250 million smartphones.


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