The thickness of the LG OLED TV, Signature TV W is 2,57 mm

As expected, the company LG unveiled at CES 2017 very thin TV with OLED screen, which is mounted on the wall using magnets.

The thickness of the prototype that was shown back in may 2015 amounted to 0,97 mm. However, a business decision was more «massive», so to speak, because its thickness is only of 2.57 mm. the Manufacturer announced TV lineup LG OLED TV W Signature with displays a diagonal of 77 and 65 inch 3840 x 2160 pixels.

It is obvious that all the stuffing and ports smart TV had to make a plug-in one thin cable, a separate unit that also acts as a sound system with Dolby Atmos. On the back of the sound system are four HDMI ports, three USB, optical and other connectors.

Unfortunately, at the moment, the manufacturer says nothing about the timing of the emergence of TV in the sale and does not name their price.

Yesterday we wrote about a similar modular TV Xiaomi Mi TV 4, though its thickness is 4.9 mm.




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