The thickness of the external drive is Adata HDD HC660 is 9.6 mm

Range storage Adata has added external drive HC660-based hard drive. In terms of outdoor design novelty has much in common with the external SSD SC660 submitted a month ago.

Adata HC660 enclosed in a housing made of plastic and metal with a thickness of 9.6 mm — figure is not a record, have the same Adata is thinner (8.9 mm) external HDD DashDrive Elite HE720. However, the maximum amount of data storage at HC660 two times more than the adata DashDrive Elite HE720: 2 TB versus 1 TB.

HC660 Adata are presented uncontested in the colour «Titan» and is designed for connection to a USB 3.0 port. The length and width of new items is 120 and 76 mm, respectively, weight — 124 grams.

Source: Adata



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