The tests and the database of TENAA indicate the presence of the smartphone Apple iPhone 7 Plus 3 GB of RAM

September 7 Apple introduced the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. A large part of the characteristics was disclosed, although not during the event. But true to form, Apple was silent about the amount of RAM in the new products.

Recall that the smartphone copertina long been criticized for the small amount of RAM that affect daily work. Last generation devices, the RAM was quite typical 2GB. At least in the older new memory will be even greater.

At least according to Geekbench and TENAA, which indicate the presence of the iPhone 7 Plus 3 GB of RAM. Despite the fact that some of the smartphones with Android have 6 GB of RAM, blame Apple for the lack of RAM is unlikely to have. However, it is still unclear how much that of the youngest of new vehicles. There are rumors that the iPhone 7 with only 2 GB of RAM.



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