The test Suite project Google Project Wycheproof allows to reveal common holes in cryptographic libraries

Google introduced the project of Accommodation, named after the mountain Wycheproof (Wycheproof), located in Australia and which is the title of the smallest mountains in the world (43 m above the surrounding terrain).

Project Wycheproof — Google’s attempt to help developers create more secure software. In fact, it’s just a set of unit tests that help to detect common weaknesses in cryptographic libraries.

Google engineers have developed more than 80 test algorithms, which has already helped to identify more than 40 common mistakes security. The project includes tests for most cryptographic algorithms, including RSA, elliptic curve cryptography, encryption, authentication, and so on.

The existing test Suite is written in Java, but judging by the wording in the press release, the project will develop. Separately, Google focuses on the fact that, if the test Suite is not found in any specific vulnerabilities, it does not mean that they are not at all.



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