The Tesla set a new Guinness world record in China

Tesla started deliveries of the Tesla Model X in China in June last year. Total deliveries of Tesla Model S and Model X at the moment are about 10 thousand cars. While last year the total shipments of electric vehicles amounted to about 76 thousand cars.

A week ago, the Chinese owners of Tesla gathered in one place to register a new Guinness world record. Representatives of the company Guinness World Records recorded the achievement, which is called the «Largest parade of cars Tesla». It was attended by 145 sedan Tesla Model S and more than a hundred crossovers Tesla Model X.

Electric vehicles are gaining popularity in China, the country plans to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. By 2020 China’s roads, according to the forecast, will be at least 5 million electric vehicles. Already, China has more than 600 thousand of these machines, it is more than in the United States and all European countries combined.

The Chinese authorities are planning the adoption of new laws and tax incentives that will help Tesla and other manufacturers to start local production of its products.

Elon Musk has promised to release a new version of the Tesla every 12-18 months.

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